We are proud to introduce a new Medicare Advantage option in Mississippi starting in January of 2021. Shared Health Mississippi will bring comprehensive coverage to residents who are eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid.

A new approach
We are designing a new plan to meet the needs of local communities. Our team is working with providers and community partners across the state to build a plan that addresses the social determinants of health - like access to freash foods and quality health care.

We build effective plans by developing strong provider network, connections with the community and additional organizations to create an innovative approach to coverage.

We know that providers are crucial to the success of a good health plan. Together, we will deliver exceptional care and make a difference in member's lives. We are here to listen, collaborate, and find solutions that positively impact the members we serve.

We are providing a sample Provider Administrative Manual for you to review as you consider participation in the Shared Health MS provider network with an anticipated implementation date of January 1, 2021. This document is a sample only and is not legally binding and does not creates any rights or obilgation for either Shared Health MS or any provider. While we anticipate the actual Provider Administartive Manual may be similar in many ways to this sample, this sample is subject to change by Shared Health MS as benefits are finalized. Shared Health MS reserves all rights with respect to the terms of the acutal Provider Adminitrative Manual.

Work with us

Want to join our provider network? Have a question that we haven't covered here? Get in touch with us. We're ready to talk with you.

Provider Contact Information
Phone: 1-877-258-3002
Email: info@sharedhealthms.com